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大华电器在曹建华董事长的领导下,提出了“顾客的满意是大华永远的追求”的质量方针,形成了跨越世纪的大华企业文化,突出了“追求不止 大华永进”的企业精神,体现了“追求企业更加卓越、追求产品更高品质、追求服务更为完善、追求客户更多满意”的企业理念。大华电器是国内同行中最早通过了IS09001质量体系认证、CCC认证和PCCC认证的企业之一。



Shanghai Dahua Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is China's professional manufacturer of complete transmission equipment sets. There are more than 30 series of products: all kinds of high and Iow voltage switchgear equipment, box-type substation, high and Iow voltage cable branch box, Iow-voltage reactive power dynamic compensation devices, busbar, bridge, intelligent controllers and smart meters. Product registered trademark is "Shanghua".

Dahua Electric Appliance is located at No. 2000, Xiang Jiang Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, connected with G312 National Highway in South and G204 National Highway in North, close to Shanghai-Nanjing, Jiading-Jinshan Expressway, in Hongqiao hub radiation zone, the traffic is extremely convenient. Company registered capital is RMB 50 million yuan, covering an area of more than 55, 000 square meters and construction area of more than 30, 000 square meters.

Dahua Electric Appliance environment is elegant and comfortable. Spacious green square, garden layout, all year round blossom, evergreen trees,' modem integrated office building, its office space, business reception areas, restaurants, indoor tennis courts and other functional facilities are complete; real-time information computer networks facilitate the paperless and ERP production management control; advanced production equipment and leading technology, Dahua Electric is a large and medium enterprise with modern management, with high-precision sheet metal processing center, busbar processing center, robot welding center; established a three-dimensional simulation of design, technical centers and product test center, the company comprehensive strength is top-ranked among the nation's industry.

Dahua Electric Appliance in the leadership of Cae Jianhua, board chairman, put forwards the quality policy of "Customer satisfaction is Dahua etemal pursuit", forms a Dahua cross-century corporate culture, highlights corporate spirit of "Endless pursuit Dahua advancing", embodies the corporate philosophy of" Pursuit of being a more excellent corporation, Pursuit of higher quality of products, Pursuit of more perfect services, Pursuit of more satisfaction of customers" Dahua Electric is one of the first domestic enterprises passing the IS09001 quality system certification, CCC certification and PCCC certification.

Holding "Focus on interior management of high quality and exterior image of the brand", Dahua has always insisted that the company faces the users in good faith for the full implementation of the brand development strategy, in implementing the business policy of "create credibility by quality, increase efficiency by brand", firmly establishes a "build first-class manufacturer of power transmission and distribution", so that Dahua products have won numerous praise of domestic and foreign users. Dahua Electric Appliance has won: "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise", "Shanghai Famous Brand", "Chinese famous brand", "National 100 enterprises keeping promise and contracts", "China Quality Credit AAA Grade", "Shanghai Class A Financial Accounting Credit Unit "," State Economic and Trade Commission recommended list "and other honors.

Yesterday's success and glory is motivation and incentive to today's striving. For the future, Dahua is even more enthusiastic, because Dahlia has not changed its pursuit and is confident to cast a new flourishing Dahua.

名称: 上海大华电器设备有限公司  地址: 嘉定区翔江路2000号  邮编: 201812 电话: 86-21-69132563
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